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Smart Banking Overview



How do I Enable the Real-Time Balance?  

This feature is enabled just like every other Smart Banking Feature.  

If the Smart Banking Features does not have a check-mark next to the Real-Time Balance, follow the upcoming steps. 


1. Click Portfolio then Banks. Select one of the banks listed above. 

2. Click Actions then Edit Bank.



3. Click the mceclip4.png icon to enable the feature.  



4.  Enter your banks page Username & Password, then click Save. 

For information regarding the credentials, reach out to your Bank Representative. 

The information requested may vary between banks. 



5. If enabled, the Real-Time KPI will be available on the Bank Account page.



Why is my balance not showing?

If your balance does not show after enabling then you may need to adjust the Community Alias to match the bank's Community ID. Please make this change in the Community Profile Edit screen or in the Bank Account Profile edit screen via the Association ID field. This field allows you to use the Community Alias within TOPS ONE and then override this value with the Association ID with the bank services. 


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