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Downloading Lockbox Files

Once you have established a proper connection between Smart Banking and the bank (the Real Time credentials from your bank), the Bank Lockbox feature can be enabled.

This manual download feature allows you to download a Lockbox file for a selectable day into the Lockbox Toolkit and still remain in the TOPS [ONE] interface without logging into the bank portal. If "auto post" is enabled for lockbox then the Lockbox toolkit will verify all transactions and post the lockbox unless there are unmatched transactions.

Auto-lockbox is only used to download the previous days lockbox and this feature enables a user to pick any date to download or re-download a lockbox batch. 


How do I download a lockbox file within TOPS [ONE]? 

You can safely download a lockbox file on the bank profile. 

1. Click Portfolio then Banks. Select the SmartBanking Partner bank you work with. 

2.  Click Actions then Process Lockbox



3. Select the Lockbox deposit date, then click Process 


The "Lockbox Deposit day" will be an official bank business day. Holidays and weekend dates will not produce any lockbox batches.


The SmartBanking log records the lockbox process has started and any transaction batches that have been processed. 


Auto Post Lockbox Enabled

If all transactions are matched to a community via the Bank Account lockboxid and Owner Account Number then the Community Cash Receipt batches will be posted. Alternatively, if the batch contains transactions that are not matched then the entire batch will be added to the Lockbox Review screen.

AR > Cash Receipts > ACTION > Lockbox Review


Auto Post Lockbox Disabled

All transactions will be added to the Lockbox Review screen.

AR > Cash Receipts > ACTION > Lockbox Review


"Warning - Processing Lockbox can lead to duplicate transactions."

Owner Payments entered via the manual cash receipts process may overlap with payments included in the lockbox batch. The lockbox toolkit has a feature to attempt to match all lockbox transactions against existing transactions by matching the date, check number and amount for a matched Owner's Ledger. A duplicate may be added if the cash receipt's post date was set to a day other than the bank's deposit date.

I.E. the cash receipt being posted with "today" when an owner called in to update an account discrepancy.


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