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The Smart Banking features help save time by automating certain tasks and processes in TOPS [ONE] like Bank Reconciliation, processing owner payments, and validating your homeowners with your banks. The features may vary with the banks. 


Step By Step 


1. Click Portfolio then Banks. Select the Smart Bank to edit. 

2. On your Bank Page, Click Actions then Edit Bank



2. Under Smart Banking Settings, click the  icon for the feature you want to enable.




3. Enter the requested information. Depending on the feature, it may ask for more information than shown in the screenshot. 

Contact your bank for questions regarding your login information.



4. Select the Communities to enable this feature by enabling the Enabled toggle.


You can also click Enable All button to automatically turn this feature on for all of the communities. 

5. After you’ve entered your credentials and selected your communities, click Save. 


6. Click the bank name on the top left to return to the bank's page.  mceclip3.png


You will be able to see the enabled Smart Banking Features for that bank




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