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In this article, we will go over the Work Order Costing capabilities. Please note this is optional and to be used when Work Orders items need to be tracked or billed directly to the Owner. When creating a Work Order, it can be important to categorize the work items by Material, Labor, and others. This feature will allow you to not only keep work items listed for your records but will provide transparency to your owners on new or existing Work Orders. 


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Adding a new Cost Item

1. Go to Work Orders in the Navigation Panel and select Work Order Cost Items


2. Select +ADD to create your new Cost Item


3. Fill out the form with any necessary information, and select Save



Note: You may also access the Cost Item by going into an existing Work Order, and editing it. It will show up in the Cost Items section.



Adding a Cost Item to a Work Order

1. Once you have a Cost Item, you can go to a Work Order Tickets in the Navigation Panel, and select the Work Order you would like to add the Cost Item to


2. Go to the Action button and select Edit Work Order. Scroll down to where you see Cost Items and select +ADD


3. Simply click on the Folder button to browse for any previously added Cost Items and select the one you would like to use for this Work Order


4. Once you confirm all the information is correct, select Save or Save and Add New if you have another Cost Item you would like to add. Finally, hit Save again to save the changes made to this Work Order. 


5. As you can see, if you scroll down on this Work Order, you will now see the Cost Items listed as well as the Billing Cost



6. Once you have everything completed, you can go to the Actions tab and select Close and Post Costs to have the amount post to the Owner. Changing the Charge Date will change the date on which the Owner is charged for the amountClose_and_Post.gif

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