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This article will go over the necessary steps in order to add and get started with a new community. The process of setting up a Community is divided between the Initial Setup, Accounting Setup, and Properties and Owners setup. Please check the Related Articles section below for the portion you need assistance with. 


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Step by Step

1. Before starting to create a new Community, we first need to go to the Community page by going to Portfolio in the navigation panel and then clicking CommunitiesCommunities.gif


2. From here we will go to the Action button to click Add CommunityAdd_Community.gif



Community Setup

Next, we will fill out all of the necessary information to create a new Community. Use the guide below to assist you in this process.Community_Setup.png


[ 1 ]

Community ID (Alias) - This is a unique ID for the Community. It cannot be used more than once, even if a community is deleted
Community Name - Enter your Community Name here
Display Name - This is the name that will display on any reports. While it defaults to Alias + Name, it can be changed to be what works best for you. Please note, removing the Alias from the Display Name will also remove the Alias from showing up on reports


[ 2 ]

INFO - It is recommended to fill in as much of this information as possible
Federal Tax ID - This is needed if 1099 Forms will be needed for this community
Delinquency Period - This is usually set by the Board and defaults to 30/60/90 days


[ 3 ]

Community Contacts- Here you will designate the Accountant and Manager for your community
Community Welcome Letter - Here you can upload a letter-template to welcome any new Owners


[ 4 ]

Community Contact Information - Using the +Add Button you can include contact information for your community. Be sure to select which phone number and email address you would like to be the primary if you have multiple of each


[ 5 ]

Return Payment Address - Insert the mailing address you would like to use for the Return Payment Address used on bills, statements, coupons, and collection
Shipping Address - This will be the address you would prefer things to be shipped to if needed



3. Once you have filled in the information above, you can simply click SaveSave.gif


Congratulations! You finished your Initial Community Setup in TOPS [ONE]! Make sure to also complete your Accounting Setup and your Properties/Owners Setup for your new community!

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