Properties/Owners for Community Setup in TOPS [ONE]

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Once we have our Basic Community Setup done, it is time for us to start setting up our Properties & Owners.


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Step by Step

1. First we are going to go back to our New Community. We will see it has a ribbon on the top of the page telling us that we need to still finish setting up our account. We can go to the ribbon and click on Properties & Owners



2. On this next page we are going to be adding our Owners to the Community. On this page, you will see the option to Import the Owners by using the .CSV file provided. This is the recommended way of bringing your Owners into the community with ease.

Click here for a video on this topic


You will also see the option to +Add Owners manually. While this may be more time-consuming, it is also another option to adding in Owners into the new Community. 



Once you complete this step, you can click Next


3. In this final step, you will review the Owners you have added to the community to ensure it is all accurate. You can check the amount of Owners added on the left side, and even download a list of Owners by using the Print button.

Once you ensure that this is accurate, you may click Complete Setup Complete.gif


Congratulations! You have finished your Properties/Owners Setup! Make sure you also complete your Accounting Setup for your new community!

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