TOPS [ONE] Release Notes (Version


The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

As a web-based product, there is no action for users to take. Your system will automatically be updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:


Report Packages

Macro Date Selections

You can now easily set the date ranges for Report Packages using our new 'Date Macro' feature. Set it once and the the report package will smartly follow your accounting cycle! The support 'Date Macro' ranges are:

1. Current Year

2. Previous Period

3. Fiscal Year



CCR Letter

Delivery Preference Override

CCR Letter processing now support email preference overrides, similar to Send Message & Statements. You can now email CCR Letters to owners with email addresses regardless of their email preference, which can helps reduce printing & paper costs.




Recon Difference

Smart Banking gains greater efficiency for Bank Reconciliation! The Bank Account listings will show the last known difference amount and the date we fetched the data from the bank.  This will surface those accounts that require reconciliation - no more sifting through all of your accounts! 


Resale Enhancements

Property Resale now supports more functions! You may now:

1. Set Collection Status

2. Edit balances for both previous and new owner

3. Add Payments, Add/Waive charges for previous owners

  • Effective date for all financial transactions use the date the resale was performed


The TOPS [ONE] Development Team is constantly working on General App Performance Improvements to ensure that you can continue to have a smooth experience. 

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