September 2021 Onboarding Webinar Series




Welcome to the [ONE] Onboarding Training, brought to you by our Customer Success team!

On Tuesdays & Thursdays, we'll have 2 different sessions where our subject matter experts walk you through the application, and where we'll answer any questions you may have during a live Q&A session.

Be sure to enroll for each session individually, using the links provided below, to get the most out of TOPS [ONE] feature utilization!

Enroll today and get ready to learn! 


September Onboarding Training Sessions:


Introduction to TOPS [ONE]!

Tuesday, September 7th @ 1PM EST

Before you can get started with the fun accounting stuff, let's get our footing around TOPS [ONE]. In this session, we'll go over some basic navigation and show you some resources available to you within the app.

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Portfolio - Communities, Properties, Owners, & Banks

Tuesday, September 7th @ 3PM EST

For the 2nd class of the day, we'll go over the Portfolio module in TOPS [ONE]. This is where your Community, Owner, Property, and Bank pages can be found. These profile pages can be used to keep track of a lot of important information and is home to many important functions like Resales, Mass Owner Communication (Send Message), and so much more.

 Admin - Managing Your Users

Thursday, Septemeber 9th @ 1PM EST

In this session, we're going to focus on managing users and their permissions.
With [ONE], you can create different roles with their own permissions, and you can also set who can see certain communities with the help of community lists.

Managing Your Templates 

Thursday, Septemeber 9th @ 3PM EST

Templates are the foundation when it comes to communication within TOPS [ONE]. Join our template guru as we go over how to create, manage, and assign templates within the app. To be prepared for this webinar, make sure to have the latest version of Office 365 or Word 2013 or newer installed on your device.

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Accounts Receivable - Part 1

Tuesday,  September 14th @ 1PM EST

We're going to go over the Accounts Receivable module in TOPS [ONE] over two (2) sessions today. Part one will go over applying charges, sending owners Invoices & Statements, and we'll go over the Collections feature in the application.

Accounts Receivable - Part 2

Tuesday, September 14th @ 3PM EST

During part 2 of the Accounts Receivable training, you'll learn how payments are recorded and adjusted in TOPS [ONE].

Accounts Payable 

Thursday,  September 16th @ 1PM EST

The Accounts Payable module is where you can keep track of vendors in your portfolio, and where you can keep track of invoices and payments made to them. If only there was a way to take the AP module off your hands...

General Ledger & Bank Reconciliation

Thursday,  September 16th @ 3PM EST

The General Ledger is the foundation for all things accounting within TOPS [ONE]. In this session, you'll learn about GL accounts, performing Bank Reconciliation, and creating Journal Entries in the application.

Processing and Managing CCR

Tuesday,  September 21st @ 1PM EST

CCR's are a helpful tool to ensure your rules and regulations are being followed within your community. Enroll today, and you'll learn how TOPS [ONE] can save you time with the CCR module.

Work Order & Service Requests

Tuesday,  September 21st @ 3PM EST

For all of you management people out there, this class is for you. Work Orders and Service Requests are here to make your life easier, and to keep track of work done around your community.

Enable and Manage TOPS Pay

Thursday, September 23rd @ 1PM EST

TOPS Pay is one of the ways to save you time, by taking some work off your plate. With the power of TOPS Pay and a resident portal, recording and entering owner payments can be a thing of the past.

Generating & Scheduling Reports 

Tuesday, September 28th @ 1PM EST

Standard Reports, Report Packages, and the ability to schedule them out. Those are some of the things you'll learn if you enroll to this webinar.

Automated Jobs Overview 

Tuesday,  September 28th @ 3PM EST

We've mentioned automation in passing during a few sessions, now let's dive in and see how the power of Automations and TOPS [ONE] can save you time.

Open Q&A - Accounting Session

Thursday,  September 30th @ 1PM EST

Have some more questions regarding the accounting modules? No stress. We're here to answer your questions! Just enroll, and members from our Customer Success team will be available for you. 

Open Q&A - Management & Admin Session

Thursday,  September 30th @ 3PM EST

Have some more questions regarding the management or admin modules? No stress. We're here to answer your questions! Just enroll, and members from our Customer Success team will be available for you. 

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